Here's a short wave from a session today (DIE greedy longboarders, DIE). The board featured is a beautiful 5'8" Quad fish by craftsman, Ian Zamora. Enjoy...I did. This board got all the whistles: S glass, custom resin work, Turbo Speed Dialers....mmmmm.

5'8" Zamora HP Quad fish

SHORTWAVE TRANZMISSION from Vyusher La Kali on Vimeo.

Bonzer Escape!!!

The Campbell Brothers' design is here to stay. Anytime it's punchy or wedgy or just plain good, I'll always reach for a Bonzer. This particular one was hand-shaped by a talented and passionate soul by the name of Ryan Lovelace of Point Concept Surfboards in Santa Barbara. Sensed some wedges up North of Maliwu and scored a ride or two. Le Vyusher works it in wolfvision with a little GusGus...

BONZER ESCAPE!!! from Vyusher La Kali on Vimeo.

Glass and Fire

The moments before sunset suspend my mind and set in motion feelings of stillness. Stars emerge through the bath of fading light from a dying day, and I'm left to reflect how small I am.
glass and fire

KALI 4421

Liddle Stubby:

Length: 6'3"
Nose: 18 1/2
Width: 21 3/8
Tail: 16 1/2
Thick: 2 7/8

This one's for you Daia. Nais tuke, devlessa.

Kali 2241
Kali 2241 top
Kali 2241 rocker

Sanded and ready to go. Kali came with a beautiful narrow based 10" GL flex. Special thanks to Warmjet, The Pool Guy, and Mr. Liddle. Mahalo.