Happy Gregorian New Year!

The 3rd and 4th bring the Quadrantid Meteor Shower to ring in the new year as well as a new moon.

Clear skies and epic waves to all!

Solstice Eclipse

Begins tonight after Sundown. Peak is at midnight PST. 
If you are blessed with clear skies, you will be able to see the other celestial
bodies present in the picture as it is depicted.
Happy Holidays and Solstice!


i don't see it anymore
the blacking sky
the bright ones died
now you and i, alone
i don't hear it anymore
the silence proves
the children knew
what did we do?
i don't feel it anymore
the winds of night
the vibes of life
now you and i, alone.


unleashed and unleashed


Mas Flow Finning


I made some sanding tools to smooth out the contours more. I like. 
This fin was originally a siline 9" T/A L Flex regular base fin.
I want to tighten up the feel in my VEGA 58. I was running a 9.5 GL flex. It is perfect for Malibu, but as I surfed Rincon the other day, I was really missing some responsiveness. One thing about a "Flow Fin" is that it will easily drift out of a steep face instead of locking/dragging in. Paired with some side bites, I hope to get a little bit of the best in both worlds. 

9" Lflex Flow fin:

The last photo, you may see a rougher surface aft of the leading edge, this is a response to an earlier post about decreasing flow separation at high angles of attack by making a rough surface aft of the foil's camber point.
(Shark Skin)



Guide cuts:


9.5 GL flex donor fin. 

Thnx KP.


Scales of a shark. Concentrations of these type of scales are found on areas of the shark's body to reduce flow separation as it swims through water.