Mas Flow Finning


I made some sanding tools to smooth out the contours more. I like. 
This fin was originally a siline 9" T/A L Flex regular base fin.
I want to tighten up the feel in my VEGA 58. I was running a 9.5 GL flex. It is perfect for Malibu, but as I surfed Rincon the other day, I was really missing some responsiveness. One thing about a "Flow Fin" is that it will easily drift out of a steep face instead of locking/dragging in. Paired with some side bites, I hope to get a little bit of the best in both worlds. 

9" Lflex Flow fin:

The last photo, you may see a rougher surface aft of the leading edge, this is a response to an earlier post about decreasing flow separation at high angles of attack by making a rough surface aft of the foil's camber point.
(Shark Skin)