I had the extreme pleasure of surfing a new board from Ian Zamora. If you went to Sacred Craft, this is the one. This is very much like Slick Rick, just a tad longer @ 6'6" and 22" x 3" thick. I rode this board in head high point surf today at our beloved Malibu. First wave brought on the stoke pretty strong, took off late on a head high set. I was too far forward and tail-slid down half the face until the 9.5 GL flex and rail hooked back up. Zooooom. I quickly crammed the rail into the longboarder infront of me. I had to stall to keep from overtaking him. I kicked out to wait for a wave of my own. Conditions were fading a bit from the past few days but there were some gems coming through more often than not. "Blue" was all about it, just hooking up on the high line. This board is so fast off the bottom and I haven't been faster on a hull. Turning is a breeze, cutbacks are second nature. The foam buildup in the midsection and rear of the board was a crucial feature in how easy I could paddle into waves, something I need when battling longboarders on the outside sets. This board is very easy to push over a peak into trim. I was very happy to find that even through a shifting longboard wake, Blue was stable as if there were no one in front of me. Enough of the details, here's some pics...

Kudos Ian, you've shaped another magic slider.

Dark Patrol

Slick Rick piloted by a vampire!

Dark Patrol from Vyusher La Kali on Vimeo.

Morning Breath

First glimses of a fun set from a recent South swell. Long waits and many souls made for a challenging day...These two guys are stoked.

Morning Breath from Vyusher La Kali on Vimeo.


Just some test shots with the photo feature on my new HD cam. These were shot in low, low light without the flash, so the grain is very apparent even at 6.1 Megapixels. I've already taken some HD video of the surf and it looks fantastic. Finally, I can get back to the movies! Hope to have some footage up throughout the summer.

Wide angle lens with polarizer and uv filter.

2x telephoto with polarizer and uv filter.