Beach Ball

Cosmic portion of this transmission:

Waves and waves and waves....

What's the rush?

"A.D." AKA "Slick Rick"

A.D. is a 6'5.5" precision vessel. Clay top, flesh bottom. I love the rails, I love the foil, I love the rocker, and I love the curves. Remember the moment you come across something that will be special to you? Doesn't it usually happen when you least expect it? I spied A.D. in the van and shot some sign language to Ian for a go. 1st wave became an instant connection. The interface between the water and my body was perfect. Instantaneous feedback and command. A.D. paddles effortlessly into the smallest waves and 'pocket locks' at my will. It turns and recovers like a 6'0, trims out like a 6'6. 1 shot, 1 kill. I would take this one into battle. A master stroke cut of sushi. Enjoy the meat:

Alien saucer captured.

"Hot Rod" I love how this foam sets.

A keeper by Ian Zamora