Picked up a 9.5 Liddle flex by Fibreglass Fin Co. down at Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach. I've been looking for a dark red flex fin for Lalo and I was delighted when the young lady at Shelter said they had one. She was quite knowledgeable too and knew the difference between Siline and Volan fins. Great shop, great boards in there. Never saw a Stamps hull before.
The fin was a wide base so I had to do some foiling to get it where I wanted it. After a few collisions with low tide rock monsters and the subsequent re-foiling, The red fin will be a perfect 8.75 in no time! The key to foiling a fin is paying attention to the layer lines as you sand, obviously I need a little more practice and better tooling to get my lines straight. Greg Griffin is a maestro at this...