The Bonsai, beyond the Penjing

The Penjing, a plant that has been manipulated to resemble scenery on a minature scale. In Japan, Bonsai are a departure from the original Penjing or Penzai. Man has an incontrollable drive to recreate, modify, and then revel in his own ingenuity doesn't he? Nature it seems is not good enough. Flags, whatever size they may be must be raised and lands, whatever size they may be are claimed so that he can be content. All the while, it's really the man's ego that feeds with an endless hunger. This has been my dilemma of sorts, mainly realizing the relationship between conformity and order; figuratively shaking my head from the romance of things. Sounds simple enough but for some reason it struck me this morning as I strolled past the gardens of the Self Realization Center by my home. What is the moment when we break away from order and willfully adapt conformity. Why do we defend it? Why to we fight it? Do we ever return to order, or do we keep recreating conformities to serve our ego? I have viewed order as the natural flow of things and conformity as an unnatural adherence to a set of rules or ideals for better, for worse, or for whatever. I realize that they are just different planes of existence that we can willfully shift between. However, I do wonder if it's just another attempt to serve our satisfaction.