Ego therefore I am!

According to the Upanishads, as long as you think that life has a purpose and you run behind that purpose, you are an egoistic person.

When you realise the beauty of the purposelessness of life, you have dropped your ego. Whatever you think as being worthy now is not actually true and worthy. A man with ego searches with purpose and misses reality.

Death clearly shows that whatever mind you lived with has no real existence. When you realise the purposelessness of life, a new consciousness starts blossoming in you. The moment you experience that there is nothing to be achieved, that the diamonds you are protecting are not diamonds but stones, and that all your great things in life are mere toys, you will understand the purposelessness of life.

The real purpose of life cannot be understood by the ego. When the ego is dropped, you will understand the divine purpose of life and you will enjoy the drama.
Life itself is the path and the goal. When you have a goal, you run.

Your feet don't touch the ground and you miss the beauty of existence and nature. When you drop your goals, the emphasis will be on the path. When you understand the purposelessness of life, you understand the meaning of living.

Until then, you are just a 'living dead' person. A person in a coma lying in the hospital bed and a normal person who has not realised the Truth, both live without proper consciousness. The master is the one who makes you realise this truth.

An enlightened master, Suzuki, lived in Japan. When his master passed away, he started weeping profusely. Someone asked him, "You are an enlightened person. Why are you crying on your master's passing away?"

Suzuki replied, "My master was the most extraordinary man on earth." The person was puzzled and asked him, "What was so extraordinary about him?" Suzuki replied, "I have never seen such an extraordinary person who thought he was the most ordinary man!"

In ordinary life, every average person thinks he is extraordinary. When you feel that you have undergone the maximum suffering, your ego feels good that you have been able to handle a tough life. You measure life with the amount of your suffering. Unknowingly, you torture others as well as yourself. Suzuki's master was extraordinary because he thought he was the most ordinary, whereas in this world, every person thinks he is extraordinary.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda