Whale fin



dogleg said...

you tuberized the whale tail?
do you feel any difference in this effect or?????

Vyusher La Kali said...

Yup. No idea how it will go. Spence gave me a fin to carve on and I gave it back to him a couple days later. I tried to make them not so aggressive, it worked on my PG nail fin and no problems, the fin works really well in trim and turns seem a little tighter and more confident... I'm anxious to hear what Spence says. My other fins have a wild feel to them. I think the better feel comes from the fwd foil of the PG fins. I have been carving different styles of channels and number of tubercles in different fins to see what works better or not. "Tfins" work really well in larger boards. It frees em up. My 9'6 surfs totally different with a Tfin. Very lively and FUN!