The Legend of Ghost Wolf


The howl of  wolves echoed in the distance…

The Shadow wolves…

They ran through the forest, shadows as their guise..

They patrolled under the moonlit night,  and worshipped the great spirit that resides in the ocean, surrounding the great point.

The Ghost Wolf…

When the spirits come and dive from the sea into the land, the Ghost Wolf can be heard, howling.. searching for the soul rider to join the shadow wolves and become its magnificence.

"I'm awake."

Visions of the Ghost Wolf flashed in my mind.

"The storm has awakened us."

"I can hear you calling me."


"Get up. Get the blade."

"I shall cut the tongue out of the beast!"

Into the forest….

Peaceful. Then I heard the spirits… Then I saw the spirit wolves. They were massive, glorious beings that began to chase me through the shadows , toward the great point. Their eyes glowed with fury! Their gnashing teeth caused the trees to shudder.

Ghost Wolf Point…

I began to walk up the beach, preparing myself to be devoured by the great spirit. The waves were enraged by the nearby storm.  The waters were dark as a hole, and the dim glow of froth revealed that it was full of energy.

I was surrounded by the spirits and they dove about and upon me, chewing on my fears and licking my pride.

I felt the surge of the great spirit positioning itself.

Like a great shadow, rising upon a mountain, the Ghost Wolf's head began to breach the ocean as it grew closer and closer to me..

My body began to realize it's fate. My heart twisted every drop of blood out of itself. I breathed deeply...

The Ghost Wolf's teeth began to show and I was soon devoured….

Inside the Great Howl….

The throat of the Ghost Wolf expanded and contracted, undulating the sound of the great howl. As I travelled along the fierce wall, my body began to be torn apart. The law and judgement of the cosmos beared down upon me.

The Ghost Wolf closed it's mouth…

I was spit out, disintegrated, just as water to mist, the spray that surrounded me.

On the beach…. Spirit Wolves stood together;   holy sentinels.  Another Spirit Wolf slowly materialized in front of the others. Their eyes began to glow so brightly that it engulfed the scene....

Daylight. The Sun.

The shining revealed the beach and a small boy in the distance, walking toward an object in the foreground.

The still waters only produced tiny waves lapping the shore. The sound of sand being pressed by the steps of a young boy could be heard.
The boy approached a half-buried surfboard, touched it and looked toward the sea..