Between the Lines

Oh, the many things that happen when one waits for the next set. Sometimes it's conversation and sometimes it's contemplation. Lately, I've been contemplating certain observations of the human factor. It is decisive to having a good session or a bad session. I've observed myself becoming frustrated with others, and in turn conspiring to "equalize" their behavior. I lose focus of my primary goal. It's not constructive to the attainment of ecstasy. That is, what I hope we seek when the energy arrives. Sadly, ego plays itself out in a relentless cycle; outlasting the many waves that crash on the beach, it is never-ending and the ego lingers on as it intends to thrive.
So I'm thankful for the lulls, opportunities to see things overlooked and ignored. Shared by the few who admit its aged fineness, in hopes to become anonymous, to depart from lust and drift among the rest of the atoms and particles upon the fringe of time...


warm jet said...

I see a sign post planted at a certain beach entrance that should carry these words.
good stuff hippie!

Patch said...

snapping my fingers too the bongo beat. Those are cool viewpoints that I share.