The Moor of Malibu


7'1" x 22" x 2 3/4".

The "Othello" plan shape came into being after I rode the GIG She-hull, TDH's Vampire and Warmjet's Juanita. Things are a little different than the previous few, with a relaxed belly and blended rocker to accomadate my down the line intentions. The fastest I can go is the higher goal, tho Othello can turn quite well; the rocker begins to "rock" right behind my back foot so the "roll" comes to me easy when I want to change direction. To help me out since I'm mostly a backside rider, the tail rocker is more relaxed to give me more trim power. "think input = best output" as Ryan put it. Rails are bladed out to nothing and I've been running a 10" narrow based GL flex fin. The board is flexy too, I really enjoy the "womp" when Othello digs into a deep bottom turn. I also can recover from a committed bottom turn with ease, some boards just feel stuck to your feet. Othello is very, very agile and handy; a section maker. It has a light quality underfoot and handles big waves. I relish my blades from Ryan and he has become a true "Stoke-smith" for me. With all the comedy and tragedy that is Maliwu, Othello carves a story that leaves me beyond entertained. It was upon Othello I realized that riding a longer hull is like flying in a luxury jet... All by yourself.


walrus said...

very, very nice..

Surfsister said...

Oh, that is just killer! Wow.

My She-Hull is still waiting for its maiden voyage. The knee is almost ready!

knots said...

Enjoyed the read. I am a new she hull owner and only have a few outings under my belt. Had a rough outing in OH conditions last week but overall I am loving it. Aloha